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What Do Architects Do?

In a nutshell, an architect uses his or her high-level drawing skills and educational training to design buildings (schools, homes, offices, malls, hospitals etc.) that are safe, sustainable and aesthetically-pleasing. To understand this in further detail, here is what an architect would do: Try to understand your vision, needs and requirements, visit the site if needed, and ask all kinds of questions to have an absolutely clear idea. Create detailed building designs and drawings, by hand and/or by using computer-aided design (CAD) applications. Once the preliminary design is approved by you, the architect creates the final construction drawing. Take into consideration constraining factors such as city infrastructure legislation, environmental laws, practical applications, safety, etc. and apply for necessary permits. Liaise with related professionals like construction managers, surveyors, engineers, etc. to give shape to the potential project, according to the plan designed. Write and prepare contracts, authorise and sign consent to ensure progress of project according to plan, create reports and proposals, wherever necessary etc. Supervise and review the project by visiting the building site, meeting clients, inspecting all areas of the project, adapting plans according to situation and resolving issues, before handing over the final building.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I only want an architect for selected spaces?
    That is possible as Service Baazar gives you the provision to hire an architect for the whole space or for selected spaces.
    How do I know I am hiring one of the top architects in my city?
    The architects who are part of Service Baazar's network have been selected with utmost care. They come with good reviews and testimonials, and are experienced and background-verified.
    Does Service Baazar also charge a service fee?
    Service Baazar does not charge you any service fee for hiring an architect.