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Air conditioner maintenance is an important part of having an air conditioner. It not only improves the efficiency and functioning of the air conditioner. It also cuts off the electricity bill. Maintenance of air conditioning also increases the life of the device and helps in reducing the expenses of Ac repair service. This simply means that you will have to spend much less in AC repair service in your city

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to procure any parts needed or will the professional get them?
    This is totally your discretion. If you want, you can get the parts yourself or the professional can get it for you.
    What if there is no service availed? How much would I have to pay?
    In a scenario where the professional has checked the AC and you don’t want to go ahead with the service, you will be required to pay the visitation charge of Rs. 249.
    What is the quality of the parts procured by the professional?
    The spare parts, if needed, during the repair of your AC are 100% original from companies like Hitachi, Samsung, Daikin, Lloyd, Bluestar, etc. We even provide a service guarantee for 30 days.